Framingham MA Weather
42.3 N - 71.4 W
Updated: Jan 06 2016 Site Blog

06/11/2017 Took instruments down and cleaned out the rain gauge which was blocked with oak tree droppings. This caused rain from last week to be measured short, and with the funnel not draining, small amounts were passing through and getting measured over the next few days. Also cleaned the screen for the other sensors, the ventilation shields, and the solar cell.
05/12/2016 Replaced the lithium backup battery in the outdoor sensor module. The last battery was installed about 2-1/2 years ago. On cold nights for the past several months I noticed that there have been dropouts in receiving data. The new battery should fix the problem.
For the second time since the ferrite cores were installed on the USB cable on 01/26/2013 and 11/26/2013, the Davis console USB port glitched. Disconnecting power to the console and a reboot corrected problem. Happened again on 02/03. Console was kind of close to wi-fi router, so moved it away to other side of room.
01/06/2016 It's time to change the battery in the outdoor sensor module. Last night I lost 4 hours of data. Checked the RX packets and during that time period very few data packets were recieved by the console. Data resumed after sunrise on solar power.
01/26/2015 Yesterday's snow storm was all heavy wet snow that stuck to the anemometer cups preventing it from spinning. This resulted in no wind data for over 24 hours.
11/26/2013 For the first time since the ferrite cores were installed on the USB cable on 01/26/2013, the Davis console USB port glitched. Reboot corrected problem.
11/04/2013 Replaced the lithium backup battery in the outdoor sensor module. The battery was installed over 3 years ago. Now that the nights are getting longer and it is getting colder I noticed that there have been dropouts in receiving data on cold nights. The new battery should fix the problem.
02/11/2013 The "Blizzard of 2013", Officially 31" of snow. Due to high winds there was alot of drifting and the snow was difficult to measure accurately. We were located in the jack-pot zone, most areas got 24 to 28 inches. This rivaled the "Blizzard of '78" in snowfall amounts. Click here for National Weather Service Snowfall totals.

Blizzard of 2013 - Yard Stick

Blizzard of 2013 - Cleaning up

Blizzard of 2013 - Street View
10/30/2012 Hurricance "Sandy" had a major affect on us yesterday. Even though the storm center passed over 300 miles away from my location there were many wind gusts reported to be in the 60mph range in my area. The weather station didn't record gusts that high because my area is nearly surrounded by trees that are much taller than the height of the weather station sensors. Amazingly we did not loose power.
09/23/2012 Updated the computer hardware and software that is used to run wview. The new system has much more disk space and triple the amount of memory. Operating system upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and wview to version 5.20.2.
02/01/2011 Suddenly on 01/29 the wview software was unable to recieve the archive data from the station console. The problem was fixed on 02/01, so during that period of time data is missing for chart generation, however the current and high/low information was properly being recorded. The fix for the problem was to power down the console and remove the batteries for a while. The data logger interface was also removed and reseated. After power up all was fine. The most likely cause of the problem was that the data logger may have become loose.
01/12/2011 During some snow storms I noticed that the anemometer cups fill up with snow. I expect that when this happens the wind speed and gust readings will be lower than the actual value.
Rebuilt the mounting pole so station is now 24' above ground. See the "About this site" page for more details.
New weather station activated: Davis Vantage Vue. Mounted about 10' above deck (14' above ground), need a better location.
06/09/2010 The WS-1317 station was deactived and removed during outdoor construction. It will be replaced by a Davis Vantage Vue at a later date. Until then there will be a gap in my weather data.
06/04/2010 The wind sensor on the WS-1317 has become so unreliable with spike readings that it was removed.
10/16/2009 First trace of snow. Large wet flakes, non-accumulating, but did stick to cars and grass.
10/15/2009 First frost.
10/07/2009 The 'snow' word was used by the local TV weather forecasters for the first time this season.
07/07/2009 Strong thunderstorms with heavy rain and pea size hail. During the 15 minute period from 3:40 to 3:55PM, 0.9" of rain fell, half of which fell in the 5 minute period of 3:45 to 3:50PM.
It seems it was cloudy and raining nearly every day. The weather pattern was several days of cloudy rainy weather then maybe a day of sun and this repeated nearly the entire month.